Part 1 – MakeBlock Robot Kit and Scratch installation

  • Download and install Scratch2
  • Donwload and install  Adobe Air
  • Download and install Arduino
  • Install drivers !!!
  • Get latest library from
  • Copy and paste or just unzip this file shown in the picture below to your:
    “My Computer” -> “Documents” -> Arduino -> Libraries Scratch2.jpg
  • Download and install MakeBlock application for Scratch2
    Start installation for example, for Windows user from downloaded folder Makeblock-Help-App-For-Scratch-Offline-master -> Windows -> Setup_en.exe
  • Choose the corresponding Baseboard serial port(NOT COM1 and COM2) as well as the baud rate at 115200. Then click “Connect”. Make sure this program is still on when using Scratch. The ‚error:0‘ means the connection is successful.
    Makeblock for Scratch.png
  • On your desktop, open Scratch 2

    For different language, choose here.

    Press “Shift” key on your keyboard and left click “File” on top left of Scratch to import electronic modules from Makeblock. Choose Import Experimental Extension as picture shown below.

    Find the file downloaded “Makeblock-Help-App-For-Scratch-Offline-master”. Under this directory to find the electronic modules:

    Note: You don’t need to worry about importing the wrong file. You can always press Shift and click File to import a new one.

    As the picture shown below, click “More Blocks”. Makeblock electronic modules will be shown in your Scratch page. Now you can start your drag and drop programming experience in Scratch! Let’s get it started!


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