My Ride

It all started with Jawa 20, 50ccm bike that was just good enough to learn how to operate the clutch and shift the gears, borrowed from my friend every now and then allowed to cruize on the parking lot.

Not mine but with better engine from DDR more power kicked in and shifting gears was easier.

Later on I had chance to borrow friend of mine Czech made machine ČZ125ccm


After 1990, more motorcycles was imported from DDR (at that time already united Germany) to Czech Republic and we had great fun of destroying them, taking apart and fixing again.

At age of 15 I brough home my first bike Jawa 350 mut my mother wasn’t really happy, so I had to wait another 3 years …

before I bought Suzuki 600 F with lame frame, but still beter the anything we were used to ride before.

After getting used F model used rather for touring it was time to move on to something more race ready loooking …

Honda was the best, lot of traveling around Czech Rep. and further to Greece. Some circuit racing during days open for public but still without finances to go into full racing season. Once 600ccm felt weak and there was no budget for racing equipment it was time to look for bigger power plant.

Still love this bike, eventhough it was heavy, it felt solid adn stable, more then new Fireblades produced by Honda after 945 model.

After I’ve earned some money, all that went to CBR1000RR 2004 model. Apart from regular rides I’ve traveled on this bikde from Helsinki to Prague where I used to work. Love this bike a lot and wouldn’t mind buying another one again. Moving from Europe to Dubai resulted in yet another purchase of KTM 990 Adventure. Off road riding was completely unknown area and I had to learn from scratch again.

Realizing that with 220kg bike is not eactly best equipment to ride in desert I went to KTM shop and bought lighter bike KTM 450 EXC.

Once I was confident enough riding between dunes and 20 feet jumps there came the day when I finally crashed and crashed hard 🙂 Breaking 5 ribs and collar bone.

Everybody who is riding knows that pain is temporary, so as soon as my EXC had 120 hours on clock I bought new toy 450 SX-F. This bike was the very best I could ever had in my life. Riding with Sandy Helmets every Friday around Dubai was absolute blast! Hope that I’ll have chance to get to Dubai again and ride as much as I did during 2008-2011.

At the end some video sample from Dubai 🙂 capture on POV 1.0 at that time only camre that could record 5 hours videos, unfortunately not in full HD. Usual Friday ride took us around 4 hours between dunes, distance of 130Km.

Few videos on YouTube

After crazy rides and start of the family the only possible choice for city cruising was Honda PCX 150 ccm 🙂
ext-1369983390Honda PCX 150 White

From scooter you can always upgrade to somethign faster and best available choice was CB650F 2015 tricolora. I love this bike although missing the 2 cylinder V big bang torgue at the bottom range.


Next planned seems to be widow maker KTM 1290 R 2015 🙂