Examining factors of the NFV

Good to read as refference for NFV solution deployment.
Great NFC POC studies can be found here.

  • Network flexibility via programmatic provisioning
  • Taking advantage of the open source pace of innovation—ever-emerging improvements in both the telecom and the traditional IT space
  • Full choice of modular drivers and plug-ins
  • Accessibility via API, enabling faster time to market for new capabilities
  • Lower costs by replacing with COTS hardware, better price/performance
  • Reduced power consumption and space utilization
  • Operational efficiency across datacenters via orchestration: managing thousands of devices from one console
  • Visibility: automated monitoring, troubleshooting and actions across physical and virtual networks and devices
  • Boosts performance by optimizing network device utilization
  • SLA-driven resource allocation (initial and ongoing)
  • QoS: performance, scalability, footprint, resilience, integration, manageability
  • Policy-driven redundancy
  • Application level infrastructure support




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